Public procurement

The value of purchases of goods, services and contracts by Swedish public bodies is estimated to exceed SEK 800 billion each year. Public procurement is governed by a strict set of rules that both buyers and sellers must follow. The purpose of the regulations is to ensure that all potential suppliers are treated equally, that there is no discrimination and that procurement is as predictable and transparent as possible.

We regularly assist contracting authorities and suppliers in matters relating to public procurement – both in the traditional and supply sectors – and related areas of law. Our advice covers all types of business transactions between contracting authorities and suppliers, and includes, in addition to pure procurement issues, advice on major projects, contract drafting, negotiations, training and assistance in legal disputes.

We regularly assist our clients with, among other things:

  • Preparation of tender documents, advertisements, contracts and other procurement documentation.
  • Preparation of template documentation
  • Quality assurance of tenders
  • Quality assurance of tender documents
  • Contract law advice and contract drafting
  • Review of award decisions
  • Questions of publicity and confidentiality of documents
  • Procedural advice
  • Procurement outside the statutory area
  • Appeals and litigation for damages
  • Lectures and training

Lawyers working with public procurement:

Malin Håkansson

Malin Håkansson

Lawyer & partner