The energy industry is facing major changes in the coming years. The climate transition and the increased degree of electrification of society entail a need for investments in new fossil-free energy sources and the expansion of energy storage and capacity in electricity and gas networks.

Central to many energy-related issues and projects is the extensive EU and administrative law legislation related to the structure of the energy market, in particular the electricity market, and the construction, ownership, operation and connection of electricity and gas infrastructure. However, many other areas of law also arise, such as real estate law, environmental law, construction law, financing and public procurement.

Several of our lawyers have long and extensive experience working with both public and private actors in the energy industry and can provide services in all parts of a project’s life cycle.

We advise our clients on, among other things:

  • Rights of way, easements and other land access issues
  • Concessions and other permits
  • Connection agreements
  • Regulatory issues
  • Construction and delivery of facilities and equipment
  • Procurement issues
  • Energy supply contracts
  • Trade in electricity and gas and financial instruments
  • Acquisitions

Lawyers working with energy: