It’s not just about us

If you want to gain a really good impression of how our firm compares with all the others, it is much better for us to meet than for you to read about us here. In a face to face meeting we can get to know each other properly and make some progress. We can find a way forwards together. This is how we solve problems. But you are here now, and you are probably a little curious about us anyway.

Good legal advice means good business

Good commercial law helps you get ahead. Instead of becoming mired in problems and creating impasses, it identifies new opportunities so that differences can be reconciled and progress can be made. For your business to profit from our legal advice, it also needs to benefit your opposite party. Our greatest contribution in achieving this is in guiding both you, our client, and your opposite party towards new approaches in a negotiating situation. This requires more than just the right legal expertise. It draws on many different types of experience.

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Om etiken i praktiken

Anna Steén i Advokatsamfundspodden Anna Steén från Sigeman & Co medverkar i senaste Advokatsamfundspodden, som handlar om advokatetik. Lyssna här: 18. Etiken i praktiken, Advokatsamfundspodden  Mer information, från Sveriges ...
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Samuel Karlsson

Vi välkomnar Samuel

Nu blir vi fler! Vi välkomnar Samuel till Sigeman & Co Samuel Karlsson – vad är det som lockar med juridiken? Jag vill ha ett yrke där problemlösning, argumentation och ...
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International Procurement Instrument

Nyhetsbrev oktober 2022: Internationell upphandling – ny EU-förordning

IPI – EU:s nya upphandlingsinstrument Den 29 augusti 2022 trädde en ny EU-förordning i kraft, den så kallade IPI-förordningen. IPI står för ”International Procurement Instrument”, eller på svenska ”Instrumentet för ...
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