Dispute resolution

By carefully thinking a transaction through, identifying potential future complications and risks and preparing contracts that govern all material elements, it is possible to considerably reduce the risks of future problems between you and your opposite party. We deal with situations like this every day. However, all business transactions, partnerships and operations entail a latent risk of misunderstandings or disagreements that may develop into conflicts and disputes.

Legal proceedings may often be protracted and expensive. Consequently, it is important to carefully analyse all opportunities and risks before initiating proceedings. We always strive to provide clear, carefully considered advice to our clients on the prospects of future proceedings. There may well be a constructive way of resolving the dispute via a settlement that allows both parties to win. However, if a dispute is considered to be the best way forwards, we will conduct it with all our energy, drawing on our shared knowledge and experience.

We assist our clients in all forms of dispute resolution in many different areas of law and industries, with particular emphasis on disputes in real estate and construction, energy, mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts and labor law.

 Our advice includes:

  • Litigation assessments
  • Investigations
  • Correspondence
  • Arbitration (ad-hoc or institutional)
  • Court proceedings
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation negotiations and other alternative dispute resolution methods

Several members of the firm are regularly appointed as arbitrators. We also undertake assignments as trustees and arbitrators in redemption disputes (redemption of minority shares in limited liability companies).

Lawyers working with dispute resolution: