advokatbyrå malmö sigeman

First and foremost

A good law firm is always in tune with the times. This is fundamental if we are to be able to assume our responsibilities. It is also a decisive factor in the development of the firm and in achieving sustainable results. Sometimes you also have to be a little ahead of the times. Just over twenty-five years ago, we established our firm on a sound foundation. Essentially, this is the fact that we work with people, not jobs – partnerships, not processes. But why is that so important?

You need to understand people to understand business. The same applies to the law.

People are saying that commercial law should be efficient, flexible and businesslike. And so on. But that is obvious. What else could it be? Much of what we do concerns matters that may have a direct impact on your success. Consequently, our prime motivation is helping you succeed.

It makes no difference whether you are a limited company, a public authority or a sole trader. All operations are unique, even if the framework may vary from situation to situation. This means that there are always several different paths to take. Which path produces the right solution depends a great deal on the prevailing values and the risks you are prepared to take.

We always begin by trying to understand you, our client, your world and your situation. Our many years of experience enables us to see where the challenge lies and understand where we should focus our attention. This is what efficient commercial law is about.

A strong network

Increased globalisation and digitisation entail new challenges every day for companies and brands. The same is true of the law. As your law firm, it is both an obligation and a matter of course for us to have a strong international network based on good partnerships. We are currently involved in three important organisations: The European Law Group, The International Distribution Institute Project and Associated European Energy Consultants. By contributing important knowledge about Swedish conditions and benefiting from the expertise of others, we have built up a major asset for us and above all for you, our client.

Please see us as your business partners.
You have everything to gain from this.

For many people, a lawyer is the person they call when problems start to mount up, when they are unsure about what to do, when a business transaction enters the final stage or when a contract needs to be signed.

We would prefer you to see us active business partners who can provide valuable knowledge at an early stage. Partners you can contact secure in the knowledge that we work in strict confidence. When you realise the strength this gives you, you also understand the value of an expert commercial lawyer with many years of experience and a feel for business.

We look forward to hearing a little about you too.
Please get in touch.