The development of society, especially in terms of climate and environmental issues, IT and technology development and development in global trade, means that today’s industrial companies have to work actively with a variety of issues. This may involve sustainable supply chains, green transition, digitization, data protection, information security, regulatory compliance, import and export issues, sanctions, etc. Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising industrial companies, taking into account the specific regulations and other conditions that may arise at any given time.

We regularly assist our industrial clients with, among other things:

  • Business agreements with partners, suppliers and customers
  • R&D agreements, including securing intellectual property rights
  • Policies and guidelines for e.g. purchasing and sales
  • Template projects, contract manuals, tailor-made training for e.g. the purchasing and sales organization.
  • Compliance issues
  • Agreements on information security issues, data protection, personal data and advice on applicable regulations.
  • Procurement and contracts for investments (CAPEX projects)

Lawyers working with industry: