Labour law

Most companies come into daily contact with issues of labour law. This may concern anything from apparently simple issues such as what is the correct pay to staff reduction or issues relating to rehabilitation and health and safety. Every such issue requires a number of labour law rules to be taken into consideration. Finding the best possible solution in each case also requires understanding of how the system of labour law regulations functions.

Our many years of experience and broad expertise in labour law enable us to help our clients find specific solutions to match their needs. We provide legal advice on all types of matter. Our clients are mainly companies, public authorities and organisations but we also represent CEOs and other senior executives.

We regularly assist our clients with the following:

  • Negotiations and disputes
  • Preparation and review of employment contracts
  • Notices of termination of employment and dismissals
  • Issues relating to disloyalty
  • Non-disclosure and non-competition undertakings
  • Health and safety and rehabilitation
  • Reorganisation
  • Labour law aspects of business transfers
  • Manuals and policy documents
  • Lectures and training
  • Ongoing advice and support on the application of rules

Lawyers working with labour law: